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© 2003 Kyle Hoyt.
All rights reserved.
 Addie Addie

Full name: Adeline Watson
Occupation: Barista
Age: 24
Height: 5'6"
Weight: None of your business

Addie spent an uneventful youth in Mansfield, Ohio, dreaming of a more eventful life. After earning her bachelor's degree in English from Ohio State, she headed west to San Francisco for an entry level job with a small tech startup. That lasted about three months. The company closed up shop after failing to obtain a second round of VC funding, leaving Addie stuck in a new city with little money, little job experience, and a lot of stress.

After months of fruitless job searching, she took a part time job tending the counter at a small coffee shop in Nob Hill, run by a family friend, Sylvie LaCroix. One stormy night, on the way back home to her apartment after a long day of work, she took a wrong turn and ran into a monster. Quite against her wishes, he followed her home and hasn't left since. Now, things are far more eventful than she would ever have wished for...

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