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"Cranky" Carl Gapp
Age: 35
Job: Comic Book Store Owner
Carl runs "Cranky Carl's Comics and Card Center" with bitter distaste for every last customer.

Never much of a people-person, a young Carl found solace in comic books, eventually amassing a large enough collection to achieve his dream of running a dingy, dimly-lit, strip-mall comic book shop. A staunch fan of classic American superhero comics, Carl grudgingly started carrying a small selection of manga and anime when he opened his shop in the late eighties, attracting the likes of Arthur and Nick like flies to carrion. To his disgust, these upstart items grew in popularity and took over more and more precious shelf space...

Years later, his scruples completely crushed by the need to pay the rent on his expanded space, Carl puts on a hapy face and proudly sponsors every last local anime and manga event. However, he still dreams of a world where men in brightly colored spandex costumes reign supreme and people who can name their every last appearance by issue and page number are afforded their proper place at the top of the social pecking order.

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